PPC Ad Management

Think of the ads you have seen on television; think of the ads you have heard on the radio; think of the ads you have come across in print publications, and ask yourself which of these ads have stood out to you. Which ads have remained in your mind? Which ads have separated themselves from the pack and had an actual impact on the decisions you ultimately made?

Now, think about the approach most Pay Per Click advertising companies take online, and ask yourself: If I hire one of these companies to handle my PPC campaign, will they strive to create ads that stand out to people online the same way other ads have stood out to me?

Most companies that provide PPC services simply find out what niche you are in, look up a few keywords, and slap together some ads. They bank on the fact that you will think all online PPC ads are the same. But have you ever paused to ask yourself: "Which ads stand out to me online?"

This is all part of PPC advertising - and this is what we do!

While other online PPC providers claim to offer "comprehensive PPC advertising packages," most of these companies want to do nothing more than set up your ads as quickly as possible, leave these ads alone from that point forward, and collect the money you are paying them.

This is where we are different! We do more than simply "set up PPC ad campaigns" for our clients; instead, we aim to make sure these campaigns are impactful - we strive to create ads that connect with those who come across them online!

How do we do this?

First, we find out the ins and outs of your company. We understand that just because you operate in a niche we have handled before does not mean you are exactly like every other company we have handled in the past in that niche. You are unique! Your business is unique! We learn about you - about who you are, what your business stands for, and what you provide - in order to create an online PPC ad platform that reflects the real, unique you!

We build your PPC ad campaign from the foundation up, doing custom, extensive keyword research using our state-of-the-art keyword tools, assessing the competition you are facing online, and researching the ad copy that will be unique to you in order to make sure it will work before we put it into action. We never use our campaign as a "test run" for you; we find out beforehand what will work, and then we launch toward the full effectiveness you expect from one such campaign!

With our data-driven strategies that are optimized for both short-term and long-term performance, we consistently outperform our competition. Here are just some of the ways in which we stand out from those around us in online PPC advertising campaigns:

  • We have Certified Account Managers who are dedicated to making sure your best online strategy is properly implemented and maintained
  • We target campaign expansion and continued growth through daily optimization
  • We practice advanced billing strategies, customized for each separate search engine, to make sure you are getting the most out of your paid online ads
  • We give you PROFESSIONAL, fully-researched ad copy to optimize your online impact
  • We test your landing pages and our implementation to continually achieve higher conversions
  • We boast dedicated representatives from each search engine in order to streamline both our implementation and our troubleshooting processes

It is time for you to realize that success with PPC advertising campaigns online is more complicated than just finding out a niche and throwing together some ads; rather, PPC ads are a complex and nuanced field of advertising - and the difference between the wrong ad campaign manager and the right ad campaign manager can be the difference of hundreds of dollars each month in wasted costs and thousands of dollars in lost revenue!

Don't make the mistake of entrusting your online PPC ad campaign to "the other guys." Team up with us today!